1.2.10 (unreleased)

  • Fixed #98: contains act like jQuery

1.2.9 (2014-08-22)

  • Support for keyword arguments in PyQuery custom functions
  • Fixed #78: items must take care or the parent
  • Fixed #65 PyQuery.make_links_absolute() no longer creates ‘href’ attribute when it isn’t there
  • Fixed #19. is_() was broken.
  • Fixed #9. .replaceWith(PyQuery element) raises error
  • Remove official python3.2 support (mostly because of 3rd party semi-deps)

1.2.8 (2013-12-21)

  • Fixed #22: Open by filename fails when file contains invalid xml
  • Bug fix in .remove_class()

1.2.7 (2013-12-21)

  • Use pep8 name for methods but keep an alias for camel case method. Eg: remove_attr and removeAttr works Fix #57
  • .text() now return an empty string instead of None if there is no text node. Fix #45
  • Fixed #23: removeClass adds class attribute to elements which previously lacked one

1.2.6 (2013-10-11) was not include in the release. Fix #54.

1.2.5 (2013-10-10)

cssselect compat. See

tests improvments. no longer require a eth connection.

fix #55


Moved to github. So a few files are renamed from .txt to .rst

Added .xhtml_to_html() and .remove_namespaces()

Use requests to fetch urls (if available)

Use restkit’s proxy instead of Paste (which will die with py3)

Allow to open https urls

python2.5 is no longer supported (may work, but tests are broken)


Allow to pass this in .filter() callback

Add .contents() .items()

Add tox.ini

Bug fixes: fix #35 #55 #64 #66


Fix cssselectpatch to match the newer implementation of cssselect. Fixes issue #62, #52 and #59 (Haoyu Bai)

Fix issue #37 (Caleb Burns)


Allow to use a custom css translator.

Fix issue 44: case problem with xml documents


PyQuery now use cssselect. See issue 43.

Fix issue 40: forward .html() extra arguments to lxml.etree.tostring


Minor release. Include test file so you can run tests from the tarball.


fix issues 30, 31, 32 - py3 improvements / webob 1.2+ support


fix issues 24


Python 3 compatible

Add __unicode__ method

Add root and encoding attribute

fix issues 19, 20, 22, 23


Move README.txt at package root

Add CHANGES.txt and add it to long_description


Added PyQuery.outerHtml

Added PyQuery.fn


Change PyQuery.each behavior to reflect jQuery api